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  1. Where Ya Been?

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    Have you ever left your hairstylist of many years for someone new, only to find that you really had a good thing going but got sidetracked? And then you were embarrassed to call and schedule with the person who knows your hair, and also knows your life and loves you for who you are?

    Believe me, as a hairstylist of over 30 years, I have wondered so often about the individuals who, after getting to know over a number of years, just fall off the face of the earth. Was it something I said? Did they relocate suddenly? Are they adjusting to the economic downslide? Were we not on the same page with the hairstyle? Are they still alive?

    In the salon setting, stylists and clients verbally engage in a multitude of subjects. Apart from the common family and friends subjects, some topics can bring out passionate feelings from either party. It is a professional courtesy to not engage the client strongly with rebuts, but to hear them and listen with the intent to understand their feelings. We as hairstylists would only want the same treatment.

    It is somewhat exciting and/or sad when a client informs us that they are leaving the area for some new adventure and that they are going to miss us dearly. It is truly sad when we find out from a mutual friend quite a while after the fact that the client did leave the area and might never return.

    When times get tough, priority’s change in our finances. Believe me, I do understand that concept. Most Texas hairstylists are independent contractors. What that means is, we control what we do and how much we do it for. If you have a financial challenge, take it up with your stylist.

    I often say that Confucius must have been a hairstylist, because a picture is worth a thousand words. How often do we speak the same language but do not understand one another? If the style is not quite right, corrections can be made right away if it is brought to our attention before the appointment is over.

    The best compliment a stylist can get is a return visit from a former client. We would love to see you back in our chair, though we might ask, where ya been?


  2. 20 Most Memorable Hairstyles From TV

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    As I was searching the web for this year’s direction in hair fashion, I came across this list, accompanied by headshot photos. While viewing each photo and reading the character name and TV show title, my mind journeyed back to the season of life when those shows were popular. A stroll down memory lane, if you will, reminds us how, more than anything else, television stars have such an effect on our hair-styling decisions.

    I’ll start with my least favorites. At the bottom of the list is Punky Brewster / Punky Brewster, #16 Tootie / The Facts of Life, #14 Denise Huxtable / A Different World, #10 Lucy Ricardo / I Love Lucy, #7 Lisa Turtle / Saved by the Bell, #6 Marge Simpson / The Simpsons (really), and #5 DJ Tanner / Full House. Lucky for me, I never have had a request for any of these looks.

    Now for the big hair mentions. At #15 Ann Marie (Marlo Thomas) /That Girl, #9 Elaine Benes (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) / Seinfeld, and #3 Peg Bundy (Catherine Louise Sagal) / Married With Children. This gigantic hair needed attachments to make the style work. What trouble.

    The natural looking curly hair is next. At #18 Felicity Porter (Keri Russell) / Felicity, and #12 Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) / Sex And The City. This was a great moment to let your hair dry by itself, if it worked. Some could carry this off well; others not.

    Now for some good hair-styles. At # 19 Amanda Woodward (Heather Locklear) / Melrose Place (what is she doing so far back, I cannot believe this), #17 Daisy Duke (Catherine Bach) / Dukes Of Hazzard (long layers and rolled on big rollers, still useable today), #13 Jeannie (Barbara Eden) / I dream of Jeannie (bangs and a pony tail, very common today), #11 Brenda Walsh (Shannen Doherty) / Beverly Hills 90210 (bangs and long flowing hair, soooo easy).

    My favorites are, #8 Chrissy Snow (Suzanne Somers) / Threes Company (great tapering around the face), #4 Marcia Brady (Maureen McCormick) / The Brady Bunch (this flat, parted down the middle style has never really gone out of style), #2 Jill Monroe (Farrah Faucett) / Charlie’s Angels (let’s face it, we all just loved this girl so very much), and at #1, the most sought after hair-style in my 30 year career, Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) / Friends (doesn’t matter what year, her hair is in demand).

    So what do you think? Are you ready to bring in a picture of one of your favorite TV personalities or are you wanting your seasoned stylist to find the right look for you?


  3. Short Hair, but how Short

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    You know you want to do it. The only question is, how far should you go? Naturally, the first focus is whether or not you’ll look super in a certain style.

    Before heading to the salon, consider your face shape. Ask yourself whether or not you have the right face shape for super-short hair. Cuts that are above the ears are best for oval-shaped faces, but they can work with slightly oblong and heart-shaped faces, too.

    Bring photos of cuts you like to the salon, making sure you keep your face shape in mind. Halle Berry, for instance, has a slightly pear-shaped face; Sharon Osbourne’s face is Square; while Michelle Williams and Emma Watson are lucky to have an ideal oval shape. If you’re not sure which category you fall into, face the mirror, trace your face shape with lipstick, step back and evaluate.

    You also need to consider if you’re willing to get a monthly trim. Short cuts require maintenance. The third biggest issue is your own comfort zone. Do you define femininity by mid-length to long locks or, more to the point, are you ready to show off your neck? Not everyone can.

    If you have a longer neckline, an extra-short snip will look a lot better than if you have a short neck. I feel there is no age dividing line, but sometimes super-short hair and an exposed neck don’t look so great. Do a spot check by pulling up your hair and mirror-check the front, back and sides. Double chins and “waddles ” don’t cut it when it comes to short hair.

    Yet another factor in deciding how short to go involves grow-out. If you only want to be short for a season, keep the length below the earlobes and avoid supper-choppy or complicated cuts.

    Whether or not shorter is more versatile comes down to the specific length and your styling ability.

    The idea is to enhance your beauty as a total package, not to have your hair stand out too much. But there’s always something wonderful about trying a new look. If you’re leaning toward change, I say take a risk and go for it.


  4. Love Your Color!

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    Isn’t that what you want people to say to you? Wow, love your color! Isn’t that what you would like to say to yourself while gazing in the mirror? I just love my color.

    I discontinued doing perms and relaxers 16 years ago so that I could devote my time and energy to haircutting and coloring. It is my passion. There are so many needs and reasons for hair color.

    Over the last six years I have written various articles concerning hair color. Here are a few highlights, (no pun intended), from those stories.

    • You can take ten years off your look with a simple color enhancement. A small to moderate change in the color of your hair can turn dull hair brighter, drab hair livelier and grey hair colorful. With this kind of service there is not as much upkeep as with extreme color changes.

    • The whole idea of highlights is to enhance the hair color. Whether the change in color is subtle or extreme, complementing your own hair color or making a complete change in color, the idea is simple: create tones that help the client look her best.

    • Tone on tone highlights is a great way to add glamour to your hair color. Whatever your natural shade, we can add accenting, lighter tones so the colors compliment each other. These highlights stand out with a softer hue, not tiger strips.

    Plan now for your holiday hair needs. Do you just need a trim or to have your roots touched up with color? Need a new styling technique for a dressier look? Or are you looking to add some sparkle and punch to your hair before those holiday parties?

    If your New Years resolution was going to be to change your hair, why wait? Make that move now so you can turn heads at all your holiday events. There is no time like the present to create the new you and enjoy the sound of all the compliments from people that Love Your Color.



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    Rapunzel had beautiful, long hair that was magical. As long as she stayed in the tower, it served a purpose. But let’s face it – it had to be time consuming to shampoo, condition and comb the tangles out, not to mention blow dry and style.

    I know a lot of teenage and twenty-something women with long beautiful locks and plenty of older women with great-looking longer styles. Unfortunately, I also see many middle-age women with longer hair that is dry, lackluster and shapeless. Some women seem to have long hair just for the sake of having long hair. Perhaps they’re afraid of how they would look with shorter hair, or they think that their long hair is more feminine. Long hair is great as long as it’s healthy, maintained, and flattering to the person wearing it. But when it ceases to meet those criteria, it’s time for a new do.

    As people age, their hair usually loses some of its vibrancy. It gets dryer, and dry hair often looks frizzy and dull. This doesn’t mean long hair is out of the question. It just requires a little more time. Using a quality shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for your hair type becomes more important as you get older. Styling methods, like blow drying, curling and flat ironing make hair look healthier, too. Color can add shine and depth. And regular cuts are essential – not to take off length, but to keep the style in shape.

    If you don’t have the time to spend making your long hair look great, a mid-length or shorter style may be for you. You don’t have to give up femininity. There are plenty of cuts, even short styles, that look soft, sassy or sexy. If you’re afraid of going shorter, talk to your stylist. Keeping the length but shaping up the style around the face or with layers can do wonders for tired-looking hair.

    For those living in a tower without stairs or an elevator, keep your long hair. Otherwise, make sure your hair has you looking your best.

  6. Hair Fitness

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    Have you ever noticed that much of what you do to keep your body fit and firm leaves your hair frizzy and faded? Unfortunately, a fit body often leads to damaged hair. Ponytails, frequent shampooing, sun and chlorine all wreak havoc on hair. But there are things you can do to minimize the damage.

    First, not all ponytail holders are created equal. When you wear a ponytail, the holder supports the weight of your hair. During exercise, the constant swinging and bouncing of your hair creates friction with the holder. Use a band that stays secure, without slipping. If there’s hair stuck in your band after you remove it, there’s breakage. Try something different. One good band is Blax Snag-free Hair Elastics. They’re easy to use, stay put and cause less breakage.

    A baseball cap with your ponytail pulled through the back also helps. The cap helps support the weight of your hair, so less weight is on the band.

    Additionally, a cap helps protect from sun damage. Sun fades your color, even on natural hair, and dries the hair. A spray-on or leave-in conditioner with an SPF protects your hair when you’re outside. NEVER use lemon juice or sun-activated lightening products on your hair. DO use a deep conditioner with protein or keratin at least once a week.

    Pool chemicals also harm hair, drying, bleaching and sometimes turning hair green. If you swim frequently, it’s easy to end up with hair that looks and feels like seaweed. Wet your hair with non-chlorinated water before you get into the pool. Wet hair absorbs less than dry, so you soak up fewer chemicals. Use a good clarifying shampoo and conditioner after swimming. If you swim often, deep condition at least twice a week. Too much? Wear a swimcap!

    You invest a lot of time and energy keeping your body in shape. Don’t sabotage your appearance by neglecting your hair. Schedule frequent trims as diligently as you schedule your gym time. Use quality products that are right for your hair type and your active lifestyle. Healthy hair is the best way to top off a healthy body.

  7. Pixie Haircuts are Hot and… Short

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    The Pixie haircut IS the hot haircut for spring and summer. I love long hair. I have a great number of clients wearing long flowing layered and non-layered hairstyles. But long hair is not for everyone. There are many variations of medium and short hairstyles, but this season the Pixie haircut is making a major impact.

    For years now the Pixie has been popularized by celebrities like Jamie Lee Curtis, Sharon Stone, Winona Ryder, Pink and Agyness Deyn. Though some think short hair means masculine hair, well cut short hair on the right face emphasizes femininity. Longer bangs, layers around the ears or a longer length at the crown add even more femininity.

    The Pixie haircut has a number of variations, enabling it to be adapted to different face shapes and personal tastes. Fringe, sideburns and elongated nape sections can individualize the look.

    Styling also plays an important part in the finished look. Various styling techniques can minimize or maximize volume and can draw focus to specific areas as desired.

    A haircut should enhance a person’s beauty and bring about a finished look of style. The beauty of the Pixie haircut is that it is classy and glamorous.

  8. Hair Emergencies

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    It’s 3:00 on Sunday afternoon, and the phone rings. A high-pitched frantic voice asks to speak to me. My wife hands me the phone, somewhat suspiciously; I notice she doesn’t give me much privacy. Through a torrent of tears my client explains she decided to color her own hair. The instructions sounded so easy, and “Hot Tamale,” (yes, it’s an actual hair color name), looked like the perfect color.

    During my 28 years as a hairstylist, I’ve seen all kinds of hair emergencies. Apart from The Austin Chronicles “news of the weird” catastrophes, there are basically three categories of hair emergencies:

    1. The Horrible Haircut. Luckily, most “bad” haircuts can be salvaged with the right amount of trimming. This may require cutting your style a little shorter. But a well-proportioned shorter cut is more attractive than a choppy, unbalanced or mangy longer cut.

    2. The Repugnant Perm. Perms, by their very nature, can damage the hair, often creating frizz and reduced shine. Avoid using more chemicals. Special conditioners can help. Serious damage may require serious cutting. Set up a consultation with a professional.

    3. The Catastrophic Color. Unfortunately, most women don’t end up looking like the picture on the box. Getting your color to come out even and natural looking can be tricky. Even worse is paying the salon price and ending up with apricot-colored hair. Color mistakes can be fixed, but it may be costly and time consuming, depending on the products and processes that are needed.

    The main thing to remember during any hair emergency is to stay calm. Don’t try to fix it yourself or go to the first place that can get you in. Find a stylist experienced in your type of hair emergency. Most stylists offer complimentary consultations to discuss your hair needs. If you know and trust the salon where you had the service, call them first. A professional stylist will want to know if there’s a problem and make the client happy. Take a deep breath, and be willing to wear a baseball cap for a few days.


  9. Super Model Hair

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    From the short to the long of it, super models have the hairstyles we want.

    First, let’s define what a super model is. The term super model refers to a highly paid fashion model that usually has a worldwide reputation and often a background in haute couture and commercial modeling. Super models usually work for top fashion designers and labels. They have been on the covers of various magazines.

    Cheryl Tiegs, America’s first super model was known for her long multi- layered locks as well as bobs of various lengths and lots of bangs. Even today, at sixty-three, she sports long tresses with soft layering and bangs.

    Christy Brinkley, another beautiful blond, has maintained her long hair throughout the years, sometimes with soft layers, sometimes without. She would switch her bangs from soft and full to longer sweeping to long enough not to be considered bangs. Today, at fifty-six, she is a grand example of hair done well.

    Now, about that dynamic duo, Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffel, who reigned together in the 90s. Both wore long romantic tresses with plenty of soft tapered layers in front and longer bangs that were very versatile. Cindy though, validated the brunette woman and showed us that you don’t have to be blond to have fun and look beautiful. Softer highlights for darker hair created movement and contrast and added beauty without major change and upkeep.

    Cindy and Claudia, both in their forties, still maintain these looks and are prime examples that you don’t need to get a short matronly hairstyle just because you have turned a certain age.

    At the same time, Linda Evangelista wore her hair long and blond. She shocked the world first by cutting her hair to an earlobe length and then shocked us again by going bright red. She followed by going back to her natural dark brown. The red was fun, but the brown suited her best.

    Here is my take on super model hair: It is not trendy or faddish like so many of today’s looks. It is simple, classic and romantic. Who wouldn’t want Super Model Hair.


  10. Long Beautiful Hair

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    What can you do with short hair? Well, you can wear it short. It may be pretty, or it might not be so pretty. Let me just say, I love short hair on women and enjoy cutting beautiful short styles that enhance the facial features of a woman. But the short hairstyle is somewhat limited in ways of styling.

    What can you do with long hair? The possibilities are almost endless. Where can you learn what to do with long hair? In magazines published for women, more than two thirds of the advertising features long hairstyles. These are the pictures that customers like to cut out and bring in to the salon. Great idea.

    Celebrities with longer hairstyles are also a good source for ideas. Some of the most famous actresses have long or medium length hair. These include Jennifer Anniston, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Natalie Portman, Demi Moore, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Simpson, Goldie Hawn and Sandra Bullock.

    Watching what the celebrities are doing with their hair is a great way to stay trendy and sharp. Red carpet events are a haven for long hairstyles with tons of extravagant selections to mimic.

    American Idol celebrities like Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Jordin Sparks are good examples of having versatile looks. Celebrity musicians Sheryl Crow, Madonna and Bonnie Raitt are wonderful examples of beautiful women over forty with hair that is long and very with it.

    Women of forty-plus, do not fall for that outdated idea that your hair should be short and matronly. If you want it short, go short and chic. On the other hand, if you want to wear your hair longer with more versatility, find the right stylist to help you achieve your goal.

    If you’re growing your hair out, but you know the ends need to be trimmed, the last thing you need is for an insensitive stylist to trim off all your progress. If the length of your hair is coming up short of your desires, find a seasoned stylist who knows how to grow out long beautiful hair.