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Love Your Color!

Isn’t that what you want people to say to you? Wow, love your color! Isn’t that what you would like to say to yourself while gazing in the mirror? I just love my color.

I discontinued doing perms and relaxers 16 years ago so that I could devote my time and energy to haircutting and coloring. It is my passion. There are so many needs and reasons for hair color.

Over the last six years I have written various articles concerning hair color. Here are a few highlights, (no pun intended), from those stories.

• You can take ten years off your look with a simple color enhancement. A small to moderate change in the color of your hair can turn dull hair brighter, drab hair livelier and grey hair colorful. With this kind of service there is not as much upkeep as with extreme color changes.

• The whole idea of highlights is to enhance the hair color. Whether the change in color is subtle or extreme, complementing your own hair color or making a complete change in color, the idea is simple: create tones that help the client look her best.

• Tone on tone highlights is a great way to add glamour to your hair color. Whatever your natural shade, we can add accenting, lighter tones so the colors compliment each other. These highlights stand out with a softer hue, not tiger strips.

Plan now for your holiday hair needs. Do you just need a trim or to have your roots touched up with color? Need a new styling technique for a dressier look? Or are you looking to add some sparkle and punch to your hair before those holiday parties?

If your New Years resolution was going to be to change your hair, why wait? Make that move now so you can turn heads at all your holiday events. There is no time like the present to create the new you and enjoy the sound of all the compliments from people that Love Your Color.