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Super Model Hair

From the short to the long of it, super models have the hairstyles we want.

First, let’s define what a super model is. The term super model refers to a highly paid fashion model that usually has a worldwide reputation and often a background in haute couture and commercial modeling. Super models usually work for top fashion designers and labels. They have been on the covers of various magazines.

Cheryl Tiegs, America’s first super model was known for her long multi- layered locks as well as bobs of various lengths and lots of bangs. Even today, at sixty-three, she sports long tresses with soft layering and bangs.

Christy Brinkley, another beautiful blond, has maintained her long hair throughout the years, sometimes with soft layers, sometimes without. She would switch her bangs from soft and full to longer sweeping to long enough not to be considered bangs. Today, at fifty-six, she is a grand example of hair done well.

Now, about that dynamic duo, Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffel, who reigned together in the 90s. Both wore long romantic tresses with plenty of soft tapered layers in front and longer bangs that were very versatile. Cindy though, validated the brunette woman and showed us that you don’t have to be blond to have fun and look beautiful. Softer highlights for darker hair created movement and contrast and added beauty without major change and upkeep.

Cindy and Claudia, both in their forties, still maintain these looks and are prime examples that you don’t need to get a short matronly hairstyle just because you have turned a certain age.

At the same time, Linda Evangelista wore her hair long and blond. She shocked the world first by cutting her hair to an earlobe length and then shocked us again by going bright red. She followed by going back to her natural dark brown. The red was fun, but the brown suited her best.

Here is my take on super model hair: It is not trendy or faddish like so many of today’s looks. It is simple, classic and romantic. Who wouldn’t want Super Model Hair.