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Where Ya Been?

Have you ever left your hairstylist of many years for someone new, only to find that you really had a good thing going but got sidetracked? And then you were embarrassed to call and schedule with the person who knows your hair, and also knows your life and loves you for who you are?

Believe me, as a hairstylist of over 30 years, I have wondered so often about the individuals who, after getting to know over a number of years, just fall off the face of the earth. Was it something I said? Did they relocate suddenly? Are they adjusting to the economic downslide? Were we not on the same page with the hairstyle? Are they still alive?

In the salon setting, stylists and clients verbally engage in a multitude of subjects. Apart from the common family and friends subjects, some topics can bring out passionate feelings from either party. It is a professional courtesy to not engage the client strongly with rebuts, but to hear them and listen with the intent to understand their feelings. We as hairstylists would only want the same treatment.

It is somewhat exciting and/or sad when a client informs us that they are leaving the area for some new adventure and that they are going to miss us dearly. It is truly sad when we find out from a mutual friend quite a while after the fact that the client did leave the area and might never return.

When times get tough, priority’s change in our finances. Believe me, I do understand that concept. Most Texas hairstylists are independent contractors. What that means is, we control what we do and how much we do it for. If you have a financial challenge, take it up with your stylist.

I often say that Confucius must have been a hairstylist, because a picture is worth a thousand words. How often do we speak the same language but do not understand one another? If the style is not quite right, corrections can be made right away if it is brought to our attention before the appointment is over.

The best compliment a stylist can get is a return visit from a former client. We would love to see you back in our chair, though we might ask, where ya been?