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Hair Fitness

Have you ever noticed that much of what you do to keep your body fit and firm leaves your hair frizzy and faded? Unfortunately, a fit body often leads to damaged hair. Ponytails, frequent shampooing, sun and chlorine all wreak havoc on hair. But there are things you can do to minimize the damage.

First, not all ponytail holders are created equal. When you wear a ponytail, the holder supports the weight of your hair. During exercise, the constant swinging and bouncing of your hair creates friction with the holder. Use a band that stays secure, without slipping. If there’s hair stuck in your band after you remove it, there’s breakage. Try something different. One good band is Blax Snag-free Hair Elastics. They’re easy to use, stay put and cause less breakage.

A baseball cap with your ponytail pulled through the back also helps. The cap helps support the weight of your hair, so less weight is on the band.

Additionally, a cap helps protect from sun damage. Sun fades your color, even on natural hair, and dries the hair. A spray-on or leave-in conditioner with an SPF protects your hair when you’re outside. NEVER use lemon juice or sun-activated lightening products on your hair. DO use a deep conditioner with protein or keratin at least once a week.

Pool chemicals also harm hair, drying, bleaching and sometimes turning hair green. If you swim frequently, it’s easy to end up with hair that looks and feels like seaweed. Wet your hair with non-chlorinated water before you get into the pool. Wet hair absorbs less than dry, so you soak up fewer chemicals. Use a good clarifying shampoo and conditioner after swimming. If you swim often, deep condition at least twice a week. Too much? Wear a swimcap!

You invest a lot of time and energy keeping your body in shape. Don’t sabotage your appearance by neglecting your hair. Schedule frequent trims as diligently as you schedule your gym time. Use quality products that are right for your hair type and your active lifestyle. Healthy hair is the best way to top off a healthy body.