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Pixie Haircuts are Hot and… Short

The Pixie haircut IS the hot haircut for spring and summer. I love long hair. I have a great number of clients wearing long flowing layered and non-layered hairstyles. But long hair is not for everyone. There are many variations of medium and short hairstyles, but this season the Pixie haircut is making a major impact.

For years now the Pixie has been popularized by celebrities like Jamie Lee Curtis, Sharon Stone, Winona Ryder, Pink and Agyness Deyn. Though some think short hair means masculine hair, well cut short hair on the right face emphasizes femininity. Longer bangs, layers around the ears or a longer length at the crown add even more femininity.

The Pixie haircut has a number of variations, enabling it to be adapted to different face shapes and personal tastes. Fringe, sideburns and elongated nape sections can individualize the look.

Styling also plays an important part in the finished look. Various styling techniques can minimize or maximize volume and can draw focus to specific areas as desired.

A haircut should enhance a person’s beauty and bring about a finished look of style. The beauty of the Pixie haircut is that it is classy and glamorous.